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Feb 29, 2012
@ 3:40 pm

Video Submission- ‘Davidson’s Finest’

Grade: B

This video submission made my day. Something about it just made me smile. You’re having a sweet party in your dorm, all your bros are there, and you’re pouring cold beers in your pants. ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ is bumping. I want to be there. But above all of these things, my favorite part is the girl who comes jumping up on the table to sneak a front row peak of the action. She loves it. But, at the same time, there’s a little apprehension. She knows that it’s a little naughty, a little dangerous. She’s thinking, ‘Don’t tell my #Dad.’ Don’t worry, we won’t. 

Don’t be afraid to introduce your manhood to your beer. You are only limiting yourself by pouring beer between your boxers and your pants. You have so much potential. We believe in you. 

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